A Simple Day in Taiwan

Time for the next part, continuing my trip to Taiwan. Today, I’m inviting you to explore a local area on a four-wheel bicycle. 

A few days after I came back from Taipei, I decided to spend the day in a relaxed, slow way. First, I went to do a little shopping in a local supermarket. I bought everything, but healthy food. Mostly snacks.

Right after that I went for a haircut to feel a bit more fresh and stylish. However, it wasn’t the end of the day. The real fun was just about to start. 

I can’t stress enough, how much I like these narrow roads and the buildings with colourful signs and posters. However, ironically, I know that I might get hit by a car or moped any second, that’s what I’m afraid of.

Moving forward – that’s a place where you can hire a four-wheel bicycle, they have electric ones as well! Apparently, it’s quite popular mean of spending time here. Hire a bike and then go and explore. This area is popular for various, family-run flower markets. 

All you need to know about these bicycles – they are terrible to ride, I should’ve gone for an electric one, FFS!

For someone used to wild crowds and constant traffic in London, being here, cycling around a quiet place like this is like a medicine. Whenever, I wanted to stop, I just stopped. I had time to look at the passing by cars, people walking or buying flowers. The time seemed to be flowing more slowly and that’s what I needed – a simple day in Taiwan.

It was now time to leave the bicycle behind for a while and explore the flower markets, on foot. My favourites turned out to be the miniature weirdly shaped blossoms and cactuses. 

Even though, flowers are not my domain, it’s rather my girlfriend’s thing, I was wandering amongst hundreds of different, colourful blossoms, taking wrist shots and enjoying the time. 

 Don’t know why, this whole day just seemed to be so satisfying and making perfect sense. Simple cycling and getting into relaxing vibes of the local area. 

 Wearing a Rolex Datejust on a brown racing inspired strap was an excellent idea, as it was both comfortable and less flashy option for someone, who wanted go through the day, a relaxing way. 

Frankly, before I went to Taiwan, I thought I could only be amazed by Taipei or another big city. As it turns out, Taiwan has plenty to offer and I was really able to experience everything and simply relax. In next few posts on my website, you will see more faces of this amazing country.

So that was my simple day in Taiwan. I had a haircut, the weather was great, I sweated like a pig, when cycling and foremost I could finally unwind and relax, by admiring the local area.

It was time to finally get rid of this yellow monstrosity and head back for a dinner.