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Don’t Buy Too Many Luxury Watches!

I’ll tell you why. The reason is very simple!

Yesterday, when I was preparing my usual Saturday breakfast, I looked at everything I stacked upon the table and was ready to include for consumption. There was a loaf of bread, cookies, plethora of different kinds of fruits, Nutella, porridge and some other, smaller bits. It was just too much to have it all for a single breakfast. I’m not telling you this, because I am some kind of a lifestyle dietician, a pro-active personal trainer or anything.

I’m telling you this watches, of course! Recently, I was getting kind of tired or I should I say overwhelmed. I didn’t know the reason of that because who would be tired of touching, wearing and enjoying different watches, right?

I’ve only realised that during the breakfast, mentioned above, the very reason of me being overwhelmed. Ironically – there was just too much on my plate! Too many watches. Everyone who follows me on Twitter or watch my Youtube channel can notice that I’ve been posting so many unboxing videos of my latest purchases. It’s been piling up and up to the point I wouldn’t have time to talk about all the watches I was buying to enjoy and show to my audience. 

It’s like with food, when you eat too much for dinner, you often end up with a stomachache or a diarrhoea. In case of watches, you get, let’s say, a watch collecting stomachache. 

Initially, I thought – more watches means more fun and enjoyment and that’s what watches should be about. However, I was so wrong! In fact, the more watches you buy, the less enjoyment you get and you take this whole excitement out of discovering new pieces. I mean, you should be aiming to buying watches, because if you read me, you are probably a watch enthusiast/collector and the point being is to collect watches.

However! Be smart about it and get to enjoy your watches first, before buying new ones.

In one of my previous videos on Youtube (click here) I was talking about me being tired of Omega watches and my plan for 2020 was to steer away from them. However, now, I think that was not the case. I was not tired of the brand, I was merely overwhelmed by the volume of watch purchases. I think now, I will trim down my watch collection and start again, smart way. Yes, I think that’s the plan worth executing. I want to have time to focus on different aspects of each watch and present it to you in a few videos, articles. I want to have time to channel my focus on one watch and thoroughly investigate it, so people looking to buy similar watch can get to some information before they pull the trigger.

So guys, that’s it for today. Remember not to buy too many watches or you’ll get a watch collecting stomachache.