Grail Watches (WATCHANIST Instagram)

Some of the most incredible watches – grail watches that I have managed to test in person, as appeared on WATCHANIST Instagram.



This Daytona 116523 model is one of the nicest two-tone watches in aesthetic terms out there.



Vintage, vintage, vintage. I am a huge fan of vintage everything. Hence, not surprised that this Day-Date 118238 MOP Diamond dial ticks all boxes on my list of cool watch. It is quite striking and eye-catching, but who cares!



I still don’t get the hype for Richard Mille watches, however I must admit the RM016 Titanium felt really good on my wrist. Great sports watch, both light and comfortable, it sticks to the wrist so good you almost forget you wear it.



Another Daytona 116523, this time with really intriguing-looking MOP Tahitian dial. It makes a nice presence on the wrist.



I was stunned by this watch, as soon as I tried it on my wrist. Beautiful 18K rose gold case, enamelled dial with with black over-sized roman numerals on white, everything complemented by majestic Tourbillon. Pure work of art.





18K white gold case, over-sized numerals and 3 time zones dial. Quite heavy, but it sits on a wrist perfectly, due to wide and soft alligator strap. Definitely my type of watch!



Big Daddy’s watch indeed! Bulky and massive case with highly complicated dial, including alarm function!



Blue and gold….should I say more?



As I said before… don’t get that hype for Richard Mille, but one thing…gold is heavy.



One of the most beautifully and skilfully finished watch on earth. Truly masterpiece.



My personal TOP 1 grail watch – Patek Philippe 5396R and G, whether if it is an 18K rose gold or 18K white gold, it stuns me every time I see it. Complicated watch presented in minimalistic and very clean way.





Don’t judge a watch by its photo. I wasn’t a fan of this model, until I tried one on my wrist. Now, I am truly in love with the Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167. Minimalistic and simple-looking timepiece, however its finish is just outstanding. Light and comfortable on a wrist.