This year after the unique H3 watch, HYT presents its latest creation called H4 GOTHAM. Despite this is watch from the new, separate H4 collection, there are some similarities between the previous HYT models and the new H4 model.

H4 timepiece draws design codes from the other HYT collections. Basically, it is the blend of the HYT H1 watch with a skeletonized movement and a pretty massive case known from the HYT ‘Skull’ with a diameter of 51mm. It might look heavy, especially when we look at the dimensions of this watch, but the special lightweight ‘3DTP’ carbon, which is used for the first time, keeps this watch comfortable in use.

“The H4 is a genuine skeleton piece, but its plays of light are more complex than they appear and the Gotham sees a continuous fight between the shadows and the light.”



The shadow theme of the H4 Gotham watch is maintained by dark carbon case, black bezel and special matching strap. But, on the other hand it is full of contrasts thanks to the well profiled elements, in result getting the image of the mentioned above continuous fight between the shadows and the light. The new sapphire case-back with a chromium-plated metallised finish inside the case gives the illusion of a mirror. The whole shadow design is complemented by the ‘blood’, which flows around a dial instead of traditional time indicating. This red – ‘blood’ theme is also adopted by the power reserve indicator and seconds wheel.

“The H1 movement and the H4 movement are extremely architectural and technical. Our customers, partners and retailers did not want to see more: they wanted to see it all.”

So, to achieve this mission, HYT had to work on the both of the calibre parts. The