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MB&F – LM101 Frost Limited Edition


MB&F - LM101 Frost Limited Edition

New MB&F watch models for the 2015 year that continue the LM101 family. It is called LM101 Frost and it is offered for the first time in an 18K yellow gold case. 

The name “Frost” refers to the finishing technique, which is applied to make a dial of this pretty fancy watch.

“Abraham-Louis Breguet is credited with inventing the “frosted” finish in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. At the time, frosting protected dials and movements from oxidation and added subdued vivacity to movement plates. Traditional frosting methods involved dangerous acids which have been largely replaced by the safer method of carefully compressing the surface with a wire brush. This is however a much more difficult process to master and very few artisans today create true frosted finishes”.

Such ‘frosted’ dial makes this watch really climatic and unique in its way, because there are not many watches with such technique applied to a dial these days, at least I can’t recall any at the moment. The previous LM101 model didn’t appeal to me as much, as this Frost did. A dial contrasts really well with the bridges, balance wheel and subdials indicating a time and power reserve. Polished bezel and lugs emphasize the subtle elegance of this watch. It is the great addition to the MB&F watches, because I used to link their watches with ultra futuristic and unparalleled designs. Of course, this watch is unique as every MB&F watch, but in more classy and traditional way.

MB&F - LM101 Frost Limited Edition

The movement of the LM101 is entirely designed by MB&F and produced with help of the watchmaker Kari Voutilainen. The eye-catching thing about this movement is that its bridges are made of the matching gold, so it harmonizes great with the whole case. This mechanism uses many of the classic hand-finishings respecting the 19th century style.

It works at the frequency of 18,800 bph and features a manual winding. The power reserve in this watch is approximately 45 hours, when fully wound and it is being displayed in the subdial under the balance wheel.

MB&F - LM101 Frost Limited Edition

New LM101 Frost watch features the case with a diameter of 40mm. The watch is really thick (16mm) thanks to the massive, domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides. A dial expresses the simple charm and elegance of the fine watchmaking with the slick bridges, 14mm balance wheel with four regulating screws and two subdials created with the characteristic, vintage approach. The ‘main’ subdial features the hour and minute indication at the upper right side of the watch, where the power reserve indication is under the balance wheel. The in-house MB&F movement can be admired through the sapphire crystal at the case back. The whole Legacy Machine 101 Frost watch is complemented by light or dark alligator leather strap, which goes with each LM101 Frost watch. The 18K red gold version is limited to 33 pieces, where the 18K yellow gold version to just 18 pieces.

MB&F - LM101 Frost Limited Edition


The specifications:

– Diameter / Thickness : 40mm / 16mm
Material : 18K red gold / 18K yellow gold
Components : 35
Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating

– MB&F in-house
– Manual winding
– Power reserve : 45 hours
– Jewels : 23
– Components : 229
– Bespoke 14mm balance wheel with four traditional regulating screws
– Frequency : 18,000 bph (2.5 Hz)

For more detailed information visit : www.mbandf.com