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Morning Jog with the Omega Seamaster 300M 41mm

My first morning jog since ages. I chose the Omega Seamaster 300M 41mm, as it’s a bullet-proof and comfortable sports watch. 

Sunday 09/09 – I woke up at 6:45am, as I saw the sun went out. That’s quite unusual of me, because I would usually get up at around 10am, especially when I’m on holiday. This time, I had this one thought in my mind – I want to run!

That’s why I rolled off my bed, put on my Omega, running clothes, bum bag and headphones. A few moments laters, I was outside doing some basic warm up, as I haven’t done it in ages or at least 8 months.

Despite, being completely sleepy and lifeless at 6:55am, I was glad I made myself went out to get some fresh, but rather cold, morning air. Also, morning sun is just perfect for wrist shots, hence the Omega Seamaster 300m 41mm could benefit from quick photography session and I could tell you about my experience with this particular watch.

Last year, I wrote a post about running with Rolex watches, which you can read here. At that time, I thought Rolex Datejust was alright to run with. This time, I was wearing way more suitable watch. It’s durable, time reading is legible, its stainless-steel bracelet coils comfortably around the wrist.

41mm is a perfect size for this type of watch, it doesn’t feel bulky or massive, just a bit bigger than pre-ceramic Rolex Submariner, due to very distinctive shape of the bezel with black ceramic bezel insert and helium escape valve at 10 o’clock. Black dial features hour markers with beautiful blue luminescence. The glass with anti-glare treatment makes outstanding effect, almost as if there was no crystal.

I can’t call myself a huge Omega fan, however I will always appreciate classic models. In this case, we’ve got a modernised watch with ceramic bezel insert and lovely black dial, which is pure and totally un-clustered.

I am really surprised with an Omega Seamaster bracelet. It comfortably sticks to the wrist and it doesn’t pull the hair from my wrist. The deployment clasp with Omega logo is tight and secure, two buttons need to be pressed simultaneously, in order to release it. I would need to compare two bracelets back to back to be more precise, however I think that this bracelet is as, if not more comfortable than Oyster bracelet from Rolex. Morning jog with this watch was extremely pleasant.

I should definitely come back to more frequent morning activities.