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My New 2020 Panerai – A Perfect Holiday Watch

It’s supposed to be a Youtube video on unboxing my new Panerai I’ve just got in, however, I haven’t update the website for so long, I’ve missed this format.

Today, I’ll present you my new Panerai that I’ve wanted for quite a long time, as I couldn’t decided whether the watch is definitely for me. I will have a great opportunity to test the watch out during the upcoming holiday.

First thing you notice is this classic polishing cloth, which I don’t really like, because of its texture. Before, I properly focus on the watch, let’s see what other things come with Panerai watches.

Spare rubber strap – I truly adore them – super comfortable and last for a long time.

A normal screwdriver.

Strap removing tool.

Besides, all the above, underneath the main compartment of the box, you’ll find a warranty card and manual booklet.

Contains all the important bits on how to use your new timepiece and what not to do with it. Worth reading through, if you’re new to watches.

New-styled warranty card with a QR-code (left-hand side, removed for security purposes). It allows you to register the ownership of your new Panerai watch and lets you keep your Panerai collection on their website. Not sure if there are any benefits of registering watches online and actually utilising the website.

I can now show you the main bit of the whole unboxing – Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM00682. I always say that there’s something special about Panerai watches, something that cannot be expressed, however you simply feel it. 

The watch features a smaller, 42mm stainless steel case, stainless steel bezel and is attached to a black rubber strap. I must say that this strap feels a bit more flexible and softer than a normal Panerai rubber strap. 

I am extremely happy that the watch fits my wrist perfectly and turns out to be a comfortable daily wear.

The watch is water resistant to 300 meters, which allows you to enjoy your holiday or weekends without worrying about water or dirt getting inside the timepiece. 

When you’re holding a Panerai watch, you can feel its sturdiness and quality finish of it. However, these watches are not ridiculously heavy or anything. However, let’s try it on and see how it looks on the wrist.

The case stands out pretty well and you can see all the edges complementing its robust profile. Once strapped up, it just stays on the wrist, as it should. 

The watch is so easy to read and the dial is very neatly organised. Simple diving watch that is so wearable!

So excited and so happy about my new purchase. I’ll give it a proper test during my upcoming holiday, where Submersible truly belongs – water, and sandy beaches.