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My Omega Trio Collection is Complete

It’s now the time to show you my Omega trio collection, I’ve been working on for a few months.

Initially, I thought that choosing watches for my Omega trio collection would be a fairly easy process, as I should probably know what watches I wanted to see there and watches might work with each other. However, as much I as was getting into that and trying on different watches, it was really hard to establish the perfect 3 Omega watches.

In my first video, starting on the whole journey, I had already managed to choose 2 watches, as a starting point. At that time, I had an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch (the one with sapphire crystal and see-through sapphire case back) and 1990s Omega Seamaster 300M (James Bond watch). 

However, as much as I’ve always loved classic Speedmasters, I thought I needed something a bit more special, something that you don’t get to see everyday. 


Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch ‘Tintin’

Then, I got an opportunity to purchase an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch ‘Tintin’. Classic Speedmaster Moonwatch, but with a dial featuring a white/red checkered circle. That’s what makes it so special. Initially, Omega was working towards creating limited edition Speedmasters and getting a license from the family of the Tintin creator. Long story short, it didn’t go well and Omega ended up with a series of Speedmasters with checkered dials, hence they released a new model.

The watch just pops! I still wanted a Speedmaster Moonwatch in my collection, however I was getting fed up with the plain, classic Moonwatch and this model turned out to be the perfect sweet spot. Great design, interesting story to it and investment opportunities. The watch was in production for less than 2 years, starting from 2013. I needed to have one classic, yet slightly more special Omega in this collection.


Omega Seamaster 300M ‘Commander’s Watch’

This one is quite a surprise in my collection. I would never expect to go for such model of a Seamaster. However, the whole spirit of my Omega trio collection is to search for more than usual watches. This Commander’s watch is limited to 7,007 pieces and as you can notice, was created to celebrate James Bond and the whole franchise and personally, I’m a huge fan of the character.

The watch itself just feels different. White dial with white luminescent hour markers was the selling point for me, when I was admiring it online. I like the simplicity of the whole timepiece.  You’ll notice quite a few subtle elements that will say ‘it’s a James Bond watch’. As a standard, there is a NATO strap and stainless steel bracelet, so you can swap around and get the most out of wearing the watch.


Omega Speedmaster ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Vintage

I have to be honest with you. This was not the Dark Side of the Moon that I originally purchased to complete the Omega Trio collection. Initially, I went for a classic DSOTM with a black glossy dial with Speedmaster in red writing. I spent with the watch a few days and then I sold it, as I didn’t really like the shine on it. I was quite fortunate to find an alternative quite quickly! The perfect Dark Side of the Moon turned out to be the vintage-inspired version. Brown-ish hour markers and brown distressed leather strap. I love the combination, as it makes a decent daily wear. I forgot to mention… the watch has a date function, a thing that’s of high importance to me. 


Let’s mention the specifications of each of the watches:

  • Omega Seamaster 300M ‘Commander’s Watch’ – 41mm stainless steel case, white dial, automatic movement, ceramic bezel insert, water resistant to 300 meters.
  • Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch ‘Tintin’ – 42mm stainless steel case, black chronograph dial, manual winding movement, not so water resistant (probably 30 meters).
  • Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon ‘Vintage’ – 44mm black ceramic case, black ceramic chronograph dial, automatic movement, water resistant to 50 meters.

There are a few Omega watches, which I didn’t mention, but I considered for my Omega Trio collection. Head over to my YouTube channel to find them -> Seen Through Wrist