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My Problem With Hublot Watches

Today, let’s have a talk about Hublot watches.

Hublot Classic Fusion ‘Black Magic’ and Rolex Explorer II 16570, as two opposites.

Imagine being a student in a high school, where reputation, the way you dress, the way you speak and people you meet are under constant criticism. There’s this one guy, who nobody likes, without any particular reason. They call him the odd one, the outsider. One day, during one of the classes, your teacher puts you in a group of 2. You and the odd one. Initially, you are skeptical about this whole group work, because nobody likes or cares about him, so why would you be different? However, over time, during the class, you are starting to find things you have in common and after all, the odd one isn’t odd anymore. You may even become friends in the future.

That’s my story with Hublot watches. 

Hublot Big Bang in stainless-steel

Way before I planned to start my website about luxury watches, Hublot Big Bang, either stainless-steel or 18K rose gold, was is my strict TOP 5 watches of all time. At that time, I just adored this sporty appearance with some extravagance on top of everything. Brand endorsed by mainstream celebrities and athletes, surely had some impact on my understanding of the Hublot and their creations. Also, at that time, I didn’t care about value of the watches, their possibilities in terms of investment. I was just a kid, who enjoyed and judged watches by the look.

Even a movement – mechanical heart of each, decent watch was for me totally irrelevant. My rule was – if I could hear ‘tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…tick” – the watch is alright. 

As much as I was getting into watches more properly – plenty of watch forums visited and watch feed read, I started to be losing my sympathy to Hublot. And for quite a long time, I stopped looking at Hublot, as I used to. Vast majority of watch collectors were despising them to say the least. They say they are over-priced, don’t hold the value and their movements are based on Valjoux 7750. Yes, Hublot watches are over-priced, so as every luxury watch in the game, that’s how companies make money. Most of the timepieces lose their value, when purchased brand new. If you do your homework properly, you can decrease the risk of losing money on every watch you buy. ‘Valjoux 7750 inside’ – how scary it must sound to each pedantic watch collector. In reality major brands like Omega, Breitling, TAG Heuer, IWC they all use Valjoux-based movements. Even Rolex – the best brand in the world, used to put Valjoux-based movements inside Daytona watches. Currently, vintage Rolex watches are worth fortune and are sought-after by true Rolex collectors. 

Hublot Big Bang Evolution

Besides, ETA or Valjoux movements are way cheaper to service than a movement made in-house, so you can save some more money and put it towards new watch instead. Furthermore, Hublot isn’t that bad at all. They create highly complicated watches with their own movements, which are quite joy to watch in terms of work of art. In their mass-produced models they tend to put ‘UNICO’ movement, which is totally in-house.



Hublot – Big Bang Tourbillon 5-day Power Reserve

That’s why I stopped reading watch forums, as there are always people who spit on the brand, only because it’s not as cheap as Seiko Diver modified to Blancpain Fifty-Five Fathoms.

Hublot Aerofusion Moonphase

Instead, I started my Hublot education and during this whole experience I managed to test various models. There are plenty different variations to choose from and for some this would be enough to say that this brand is not worth buying. As for me, in case of Hublot – fashion and trendy brand, I get it and totally accept it. I think that everyone could choose one watch, which would suit their taste, regardless of not being fan of the brand at all. As with everything, it’s worth making a judgement, based on your own experience, NOT the view of other people.With that being said, I will always have a spare room in my collection for at least one Hublot. 

And now, I am finishing today’s watch talk with this Hublot Big Bang Evolution on my wrist.