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One Night in Munich with a Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Batman’

Today, I’m taking you guys on a short trip to Munich with a Rolex GMT-Master II 116710BLNR, so called ‘Batman’.

Precisely, last week, I flew to Munich, Germany for a watch fair to check out few interesting pieces that people were interested in selling. The watch fair itself was alright, however I did not buy anything, as the prices weren’t impressive at all. Regardless, it was a great experience, plenty of different watches – modern, vintage and plethora of watch accessories, spare parts etc. I’m not going to focus on the watch fair, as my main point is to show you Munich and the Batman, of course. 

It all started from an early morning flight for London Heathrow Terminal 5. The flight went passed extremely quickly, partially because I was flying business and the flight was roughly 1 hour 30 minutes. 

I had an opportunity to wear the best watch, in terms of complications, to wear during all sorts of forms of travelling. The watch is sturdy, water resistant to about 100 metres, up-to-date design and generally you can feel comfortable wearing such timepiece. 

As soon as touched down at the Munich Airport, went straight to the venue of the watch fair – Infinity Hotel, as I remember. Few hours spent on wandering around and visiting hundreds of tables with some of the nicest pieces that you can find. Rare Pateks, vintage Rolex, funky Franck Mullers, literally everything you could imagine. 

Check-in was in the late afternoon, when my legs were incredibly sore, after walking around for few hours and admiring watches. 

The hotel for one night was Sofitel in the city centre of Munich, one of the nicest buildings around, if you ask me. The hotel room is pretty tastefully designed, very spacious with a separate lounge area, where you can change your clothes etc. 

Everything about this room was perfect. Fresh towels, bathrobes, fancy shampoos, fully packed, over-priced minibar. Basically, everything that you need for a very comfortable stay, whether it’s one night of a few. 

And then I noticed these… ultra comfy slippers, my favourite thing about a hotel stay.

Doing some wrist shots before hitting the shower, the lighting was incredibly good, probably specifically made for Instagram models. Who knows…

Being all nice and clean, I had a time to do what all influencers do… lifestyle shots. 

So I stacked up everything I had close at hand and that’s the result:

After the hectic day of travelling and being surrounded by plenty of watches, it was time to finally rest. 

Next morning…

The plan was to have a nice breakfast and as the weather was sunny, having a breakfast outside seemed to be a good option. That’s why, I went out to find something decent.

I really enjoyed the Sunday in Munich, as there was A) sunny B) quite warm C) almost no people outside

By the way, these cream Mercedes taxi cars are my favourite thing about Germany!

Being in Germany had to result in having a hearty piece of Apple strudel! However, as it was quite early, the cafe didn’t have Apple strudel ready yet! Feeling a bit disappointed, I went for a juice made from freshly squeezed oranges (delicious!). After 15 minutes, a big tray of something that smelled and looked like a classic Apple strudel, appeared at the counter.

If only this photo could express the taste of this incredible piece of strudel with a cream on side. Something beautiful indeed! If you’re around, you definitely have to try Cafe Lutipold. 

After such a great and refreshing breakfast, there’s a time to check out from the Sofitel and head over to the Munich Airport. The airport itself was bad, as soon as you went through the security. One business lounge, one food place, few basic duty-free shops and only one set of toilets. Everyone was cramped in the small departure area. 

All in all, the whole trip was great and Batman turned out to be a great watch to wear. The beauty of Rolex is the watches being bulletproof, comfortable and practical. 

GMT watches, they’ve started to grow on me and right now I’m writing these last words with a stunning Rolex GMT-Master II 16710 ‘Pepsi’ on my wrist. This watch is particularly interesting, because it has a transitional movement, which is cal. 3186.