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WhatWatchToBuy: Rolex Oyster Perpetual 116000

Is it the perfect watch for young watch lovers, who have just started their watch collecting hobby?

The academic year for most students starts in October. As I am a student and watch lover, I was thinking  about the matter connected with whole student life, attending to lectures, seminars but also socialising with friends. It wouldn’t be much of case to talk about, if I wasn’t luxury watch lover. The question troubling me is what watch should I wear, while hanging around the university campus, because obviously that cannot be just any watch.

I will be surrounded with different kind of people, whose approach towards the others may be completely different and unexpected at some point. For example, showing off around university campus with the bi-metal GMT-Master II 116713LN would make me easy target and I would really prefer to avoid that. 

I have done some profound research in seek for that perfect watch, which would be both prestigious and safe to wear during my ‘daily adventures’ as a student. Timepiece of my choice turned out to be quite underestimated and quite unloved Rolex Oyster Perpetual 116000 with silver dial. I will point out features of high importance that every watch for young watch lover should have and which I found in this particular model.

 The watch is housed by stainless-steel 36mm case. For me personally such size is perfect when we talk about daily watch. It features silver baton dial with white luminescent hour markers. Ticking heart of this watch is the Calibre 3130, it operates at 28’800 vibrations per hour and provides 48 hours of power reserve. 

Oyster Perpetual 116000 is coupled to iconic Oyster bracelet with brushed finish, polished sides and concave Rolex logo. Such configuration is just must have for young person, who wears its watch daily for every occasion, because obviously brushed surface masks minor scratches much better as opposed to surface with polished finish, which is literally a scratch-magnet. Besides, whole timepiece is beautifully shaped and honestly, I like every curve about it.

There are many aspects making this watch so likeable, its versatility, durability and practicality as well. I don’t even have to mention how important these factors are, because they are cornerstone of every daily watch. With Oyster Perpetual 116000 I got everything in one package – I have got simple and slight elegant appeal, but the same watch can be sports one if I want to. 

Most importantly that’s the only Rolex not looking like Rolex, at least not at first sight. I put it into ‘recognition test’ and it went pretty well. At glance, none of my friends thought I was wearing Rolex. Only after they looked closer and actually noticed iconic crown, they said it is a Rolex indeed. Most of them told me they would never tell it is Rolex, if they didn’t look closer into dial. That was enough for me to know Oyster Perpetual 116000 is safe watch to wear at University. It is not flashy, it doesn’t catch much attention, but at the same time it’s luxury enough. It’s like wearing a platinum watch – you are the only one, who knows it’s platinum. 

The last thing is its affordability. You can grab the 2016 used model for under £3,000 ($4,000), which is not bad at all.