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Unboxing My First Ever Tudor Watch

Today, I’m so glad to share my very latest purchase and this time, I’m testing the waters with a popular brand – Tudor, sister company of Rolex. 

I must confess, Tudor was not on top of my list of watches to buy. However, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about watch collecting is to be open for new experience and not to be closed for one brand. That’s why, a while ago I decided to give different brand a go. With Tudor, my only issue the size of their watches. 41mm case in their popular models is slightly too big for my liking. I say that maybe because I am used to Rolex sizing, when it comes to classic watches. 

However, without a further moaning from my side, let’s proceed to the unboxing itself!

Each Tudor watch comes in a black outer box with a contrasting Tudor logo – I like it. The size is quite similar to Rolex Oyster boxes. 

I think the Tudor boxes are the great example of the brand being more modern and open for implementing some fresh approaches to their watches, than Rolex. 

And… the watch itself.

I decided to go for a bi-metal Tudor Black Bay 79733N with a bi-metal bracelet. Before, you come to your conclusions, I have to mention that this watch actually features solid gold parts!

The rotating bezel is solid gold, the winding crown is not and the centre links are coated in solid gold, for me that’s more than enough. With this brand, you just got to appreciate the incredible value for money! The watch retails for circa £3,800 and if you buy it pre-owned that’s even less. All of this, makes this timepiece an amazing daily wear. 

With this watch, you can actually feel its weight of all the components put together. I’m a huge fan of a classic Rolex Submariner Date 16613 with a black dial and bezel insert, hence I went for this Tudor model.

As a standard, the watch was accompanied by two small booklets (manuals), original tag, spare brown-ish NATO strap and of course, the credit card-styled warranty from Tudor, which is 2 years from the date of purchase.

The thing I like about this watch is its vintage-inspired design and the feel of being as bullet-proof as Rolex watches. Of course, with an affordable price tag that should not be the case, however I still think the quality is there.

You get a decent daily wear with a water resistance of 200 meters, so you don’t need to worry about water getting inside, provided that the screw is securely screwed in.

Will Tudor ever catch up with Rolex in terms of quality? I don’t think so. The main idea of Tudor watches was to provide more affordable timepieces to appeal to more vast amount of people. Honestly, as much as I didn’t used to be a fan of Tudor, I’m starting to appreciate the nice balance between the watch that you get and the price you pay for it.

With this watch, you won’t feel like you’re wearing something similar to Rolex, Tudor has its distinctive aesthetics. 41mm case appears to be a bit bigger than a normal Rolex Submariner case, however let me give you the drum – the watch is comfortable indeed!

So for now, I will just enjoy my new purchase and will let your know my further thoughts on it in one of my Youtube videos. Until then, stay tuned!