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Which luxury brands spent the most on advertising in 2013?

As every year the media report statistics showing the changes in spending money on the marketing. Today I give you TOP5 luxury brands that spent on advertising the most in 2013. All companies spent an estimated $ 492.68 million.

As you probably guess the first place is brand Rolex. That company is leading on this list consistently since 2000. Last year, Rolex has issued $ 61.48 million (this is the first company to allocate advertising above $ 60 million). Rolex broke his record of 2012 by 17.9%.

On the second place there is a Breitling, which last year spent $ 43.85 million. 
Though Breitling attains second place already for seven years, 2013 year was the year of the record huge jump of 48.7%. No one spent on advertising more than $ 30 million (except Rolex) 
The third place went to Cartier, spending 22.7% more, or $ 24.58 million. In 2012, Cartier was on site 5, but last year overtook Omega and Citizen’a.

On the fourth place hit Omega. Brand has released about 1% less than in 2012 because of the role as the official partner of the Olympic Games in London and the golf Ryder Cup, which gave greater publicity for the brand. Omega has spent $ 22.96 million. 
On the fifth, which is the last place is Breguet. He made ​​a huge leap compared to the 2012 year, as much as 2,000%, spending $ 9.58 million, which is a huge gap between less than $ 0.5 million, which Breguet issued in 2012.