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Can You Actually Go Running with Rolex Watch?

And why you shouldn’t, but you will do it anyway.


Can you actually go running with Rolex watch? That’s the question troubling most of the Rolex owners every day. To get some knowledge and be more enlightened in this matter I decided to read through popular watch forums, as they must be credible. I went through tons of pages relating to this topic. Opinions tend to vary, which is nothing strange, it strictly depends on the nature of particular person answering the question.

Rolex Datejust 16234

Conservative watch geek will tell you that under no circumstances you can wear Rolex watch during your favourite morning jog, because it will definitely blow up on your wrist, tearing your hand apart as well. On the other hand, we have got liberal type of watch geek, which will try to reassure you that running with Rolex on wrist is completely safe for the watch as a whole and you shouldn’t be worried about anything, you are good to go. The more posts I read, the more dilemma I got. That’s why I decided to do the best thing I could think of. I went for a series of morning jogs with possibly the least appropriate Rolex model from whole range, which is classic Datejust. Over three weeks time, I tested two models – 16234 and 16220 in series of 5 morning jogs with each timepiece. To be more technical, I examined both watches with timegrapher right before and as soon as I was satisfied with my big experiment.

Rolex Datejust 16220

Let me outline main possible reasons why you shouldn’t go running with the Rolex watch.

1.Your watch can get seriously damaged.

That’s the most common point raised by opponents of wearing watch for sports. Dents, chips and nasty scratches around dial and case are fairly easy to achieve. If you are not careful you can get your watch damaged even while walking, that’s obvious fact and the cost of service in Rolex is quite expensive, so my advice is just be extra cautious and pay attention to your surroundings.

2. Running with Rolex is extremely uncomfortable.

Most people make this  mistake of wearing their wristwatch too loose and fussing about extreme discomfort. There is nothing more annoying than wearing pretty heavy Rolex Submariner, which is literally swinging around your wrist, while you are running. Therefore, take care of proper bracelet adjustment beforehand. Make sure it sits on your wrist tight, but no too tight, so the blood in your hand can flow freely.

3. Quick and sudden moves of your wrist during run will affect accuracy of Rolex watch.

I think that was the most important reason I was so scared of running with any type of mechanical watch so far. Every watch runs at particular speed and frequency. Such exposure on faster speed of motion seems to be bad idea, since it can start gaining time during a day. When it occurs to watch, watchmaker’s intervention is necessary. He will have to adjust the whole movement, so it can run at the right speed again. But, does it have to happen to every single mechanical watch worn during a running session?

After three weeks of refreshing and enjoyable running sessions with Rolex on my wrist, I can now give you some reasons why can and probably should run with your timepiece.

1.It gives way more pleasure and satisfaction. I have always been quite lazy type of person, when it came to doing sports regularly. I could go running one day and forget about it for the next three weeks. Wearing Rolex gave me some kind of energy, which motivated me to get up early, put my tracksuit on and run. Perhaps, possession of material good of high value can successfully trigger your inner can-do attitude to achieve anything you want, in this matter make physical activity your best friend.

2.It looks extremely stylish. I know, I know… for most running purists out there, thinking more about the way you look while running than focusing on running is inexcusable sin, for which there is nothing, but capital punishment. I’m the one, who should be crucified twice for that. But, I tend to make an assumption that whatever thing on earth can get you moving is definitely worth trying. If stylish outfit on your body complemented by Rolex wristwatch keeps you happy and motivated, then isn’t it a win-win?

3.I did not feel any discomfort throughout my experiment thanks to well-fitted bracelet, so it was not swinging around my wrist.

4.Despite, I did not test Datejusts 16220 and 16234 right after each morning jog, the timegrapher examination conducted at the end of my experiment proved that both watches were running exactly the same as originally. However, you shouldn’t take my experiment with full certainty, you can never be guaranteed that your watch will always work safe and sound after doing some sports activities with it. It is highly dependent on number of parts and materials, of which each movement consists of. The more parts, the higher probability your watch can be damaged or deregulated.