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Innovative and completely new category in the realm of the sophisticated high end jewellery for men. Christophe & Co represents the real attachment to the finest craftsmanship with their Armills, which are an undoubted symbol of the achievement.

I’ve got impressed by Armills by the time I saw them. It is not just a piece of jewellery. Besides, it is an incredible quintessence of the men’s jewellery, it has in fact a features of the wearable technology that I will describe later.


The name of the collection it is not just a random name. Armills (from Latin : Armillae) are a type of the cuff bracelet made of precious metal. For over a thousand years it was a symbol of the uncommon heroism in battle and a royal appointment. In Ancient Rome, the Armillae were military decorations for the bravery on the battlefield. Even in the modern times, the Armills are part of the royal regalia bestowed during a coronation. Now, Christophe & Co created an unmistakable sign of power and victory for every owner, which feels his individuality. The heritage interpretted in the new, innovative way.

Christophe & Co - Apollo Armill
Apollo model


Christophe & Co - Apollo ArmillArmills bind an old jewellery-making craftsmanship of England with the phenomenal components that are using a highly advanced materials like carbon fiber and engineered ceramics. Every single piece of the Armill is engineered with a marvellous precision, starting with the precious metal components treatment and finishing with the complicated clasp mechanisms. Everything is assembled with the highest standards and with a preciseness comparable with the engineering in formula one. In fact, the carbon fiber inner frame is produced by a shop in Northern England, which also provides carbon fiber aerodynamic components to formula one teams.

The ceramic shields used in Armills are innovative. It costed a lot of effort to develop a structural ceramic components, because of their critical dimensions. The result is the extremely durable and scratch-resistant product.

I can freely say that these Armills are the most sophisticated type of jewellery that has been made these days.
It is a real work of art. The Apollo model has a unique engravings, which are designed by the world’s famous artists. The engraving appearing on the top of Apollo Armill depends on the market destination. For example the one Apollo for a Middle East market goes with the Salah Ad-Din’s sword, as a tribute to the fabled warrior and his sword. It is possible to request our own motif of the Apollo Armill and also to create an Armill by the individual imagination design.

The design of these masterpieces has been created by collaboration with the legendary design house – Pininfarina established in Italy. Since 1930 they have started the novation in design. Pininfarina was also an exclusive designer for Ferrari. This legendary brand has created some of the world’s iconic cars. Recently, Pininfarina has entered the arena of the high end lifestyle products.

Christophe & Co offers a hardware module, which goes with each Armill, if the customer wishes so. This fully upgradable module adapts ultra low power NFC and Bluetooth communication technologies along with the revolutionary kinetic energy generation system, which recharges the battery using the natural move of the owner’s arm. The functions of the module includes also a one button valet press to contact with the Christophe & Co companion app and with the owner’s phone. Customers can request about anything at any time.

Christophe & Co - Orion Armill
Orion model


Christophe & co - Virtus Armill
Virtus model

Each Armill is custom fit to the customer. It is because of the inner pads made of plush Alcantara material, which features a memory gel that moulds to the owner’s arm. The Armill collection consists of the 3 personalised models, each with a differing refinement of the design adornments and with the name of the ancient mythical figures. They are using fine, solid gold elements between 46 and 70 grams of 18K gold.

Tier 1 is the ‘Apollo’ Armill with incredible 1500 micropavé set GVS diamonds. They are set by hand, under a microscope. It goes also with the artistic engravings and polished ceramic housing. Apollo is limited to just 25 pieces worldwide, which costs £120,000 each.

Tier 2 is called ‘Orion’. It is made of the same 18K gold colour as the Apollo Armill. It has a less amount of diamonds. But, this one appeals to me at the most. Beautiful infinite black mat housing. It is limited to 100 pieces worldwide and it costs £80,000 each.

Tier 3 is a little bit different than the other Tiers from Armill collection. It is called ‘Virtus’ and is made of 18K gold but this time it is a white gold. Moreover, the Alcantara inner pads are in the intensive blue colour. Ceramic casing in this bracelet is in mat black colour. This model is limited to 300 pieces worldwide with a price of £60,000 each.

If you think this is the end of the Armill’s features, you are wrong. Christophe & Co provides many lifestyle services concerned with owning a bracelet. If you own one of the Armills you are automatically entitled to the membership in one of the world’s exclusive clubs. It enables an access to the exclusive events all over the world. It would be for example a member’s clubs, prestigious social events, sporting events and much more.

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Christophe & Co - Apollo Armill


Christophe & Co - Apollo Armill