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Part 2 Bialystok: Exploring Poland With The Panerai Luminor PAM00090

The second part of my holiday trip, after one day spent on exploring the capital of Poland – Warsaw. This time we are walking around Bialystok – the city, which belongs to ‘The Green Lungs of Poland’ region.

The location is not random. If you live in a big city, like for example London, you are used to noisy ambulances, police cars rushing through crowded streets, wild and loud hordes of pedestrians, queuing for everything. However, sometimes it’s just enough and you need some sort of retreat to calm yourself and re-gain the positive balance. Bialystok seems to be a perfect spot for this purpose, as it’s relatively quiet, peaceful and has plenty of green areas, on which you can just relax and un-wind. I’ll be looking for this one perfect spot, in which I can just log out from problems.

First, we started from a pleasant ‘sit session’ on a bunch with a view on, excuse the long name, ‘The Catholic Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary’. It is a fantastic spot with a lovely promenade, leading to the City Hall of Bialystok.

After that, we headed towards Branicki Palace – one of the main tourists’ attraction in this city. We went through an incredibly green park, which reminded me about London’s best medicine for crowded and noisy cities, which also happens to be a park. I find the entrance to the Branicki Palace very satisfying with meticulously mowed grass.

I can see the Palace – we are almost there!

From a distance.

From behind.

Garden view – you can’t see the whole picture.

Much better view from an inside.

Remember this black kind of portal from the balcony view? That is it.

Well, I found my perfect spot, not going anywhere else. Watchanist signing out.