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Two weeks with a solid gold Rolex watch as daily wearer

Solid gold Rolex watch as daily wearer? I spent two weeks with a Rolex Daytona and here are my final thoughts.

Classic icon of elegance and prestige – Rolex Daytona in 18K yellow gold. The reference I put into the test was 16518, which is solid gold, coupled to a alligator strap, in my case black alligator strap.

The thing you need to know about solid gold watches, besides being flashy and eye-catching, is that they are heavy. Stainless-steel weighs nothing compared to gold. So, if you happen to be choosing your daily wearer, you must take into consideration its weight. There is nothing more bothering than uncomfortably heavy wristwatch. You’ll notice it after the whole day spent with it. I was wearing the model with black alligator strap, which weight is automatically reduced by the lack of bracelet. If you opt for another solid gold reference – 16528, be prepared to carry some extra tones of weight. 

For two weeks, I was wearing this watch literally everywhere – home, office, park, casual/formal meetings and I must say, despite its flashiness, it’s really versatile. Though, I wouldn’t go swimming with this piece on a alligator strap, due to very obvious reasons.

Despite wearing a solid gold watch may be attractive and highly desirable by many, it is not all that perfect. Gold attracts many people, even these less pleasant ones. You are way more exposed for possible robbery by wearing gold watch, than stainless-steel. Apart from that – scratches, scratches and scratches. I can’t say enough how easy is to scratch a gold watch. Even your favourite sweater or cardigan may scratch it!

Despite its cons, I do totally accept solid gold watch as a daily wearer. Privilege comes with responsibility – you need to act so and pay extra care, while wearing it. However, the satisfaction you get is priceless.

What I look for in watches is balance, but also a contrast. this particular Daytona 16518 has nicely ticked these boxes. 40mm 18K yellow gold case, white dial with Arabic numerals and black sub-dials play beautifully with a deep black of the alligator strap. Satisfyingly comfortable on a wrist, almost as if I wasn’t wearing anything at all.