Food in Taiwan

Today, I’m taking you on a quick journey, focused on what I was eating during my great holiday in Taiwan.

The thing you need to know, when going to Taiwan is that you will be flooded with plethora of amazing food. There are small food places literally on every corner. Besides, after a while you’ll find that there is more tea flowing in your system than the actual blood. 

First morning, after the arrival to Taipei, me and my girlfriend, we went for a quick breakfast in a small food place (the name is on the tea cups). I went for a classic toasted sandwich with egg, pork and a slice of cheese, as I remember – it was delicious. My girlfriend ordered an omelette. Everything was complemented by large iced tea. 

My huge love turned out to be 7 Eleven and one of the particular spots inside, namely the hot dog stand. I can’t even remember how many hot dogs I had, during the trip. Every time, I was passing by, I was counting the number of hot dogs available. My combo was classic sausage (left-hand side), bun and everything garnished with a splash of ketchup and pickled cucumber sauce. 

However, please don’t think I was all about hot dogs! No!

My first breakfast after a 14-hour flight, jet lagged as hell, couldn’t even finish the whole breakfast wrap, which was delicious by the way. All surrounded by iced tea – of course!

If you fancy a nice dining experience, why not try ‘Hot Pot’. You get your own pot, in which you’ve got a broth of your choice. And then, waiters surround with different kinds of food – meats, eggs, veggies, rice, noodles – whatever you fancy, you can put inside the boiling hot pot and prepare it in minutes. 

If you have a sweet tooth, then don’t forget about visiting the local supermarket. You will be surprised how many snacks you will discover that you probably never heard of!

The next spot is Din Tai Fung, if think my current favourite Asian restaurant. Rapid and efficient service and wonderful food. You can even see the chefs preparing all the dumplings behind the window glass and they look like real pros! 

However, if you are expecting to get a table instantly, you might be disappointed. We had to wait around 45 minutes to get a table for 2. On a positive note, you can take a receipt with a waiting number and then walk around the Taipei 101 and frankly, it’s really hard to be bored inside, as there are millions of different shops to visit. 

Now, let’s eat!

Dumplings with pork and a subtle broth. My girlfriend had prawn dumplings. 

Extremely tender pork chop, nicely seasoned and served with fried rice with egg and spring onion. 

Vegetable dumplings covered in a chilli sauce that gives a nice boost in terms of taste.

Next restaurant!


This magic fruit vinegar will make you feel hungry, so you can handle the 5-course meal. It’s served with ice.

Complimentary black rice tea

This one is quite interesting, because you are faced with a mission of carefully selecting your 5-course eating experience. The menu is straight to the point, a few options, however each and every is perfectly executed. That the combo I went for:

Baked beef with salad. Actually, my favourite thing in the restaurant. Creamy baked beef swimming in a creamy sauce – yummy!

King oyster mushrooms and and a truffle.

A beef steak (don’t remember which part) covered in peppercorns and served with some vegetables. The sauce of my choice watch peppercorn sauce. As usual, my steak was medium rare. 

Also, I had a mushroom soup, however I didn’t take a photo of it. As a dessert I went for a banana Sundae.

That’s it guys for today. In the next post, we’ll be exploring Taiwan by night.