Kenting, Taiwan – A Real Holiday Paradise

For a long time I thought nothing could surprise me in visual terms. Nothing, until this amazing place on the planet – Kenting in Taiwan. Breathtaking!

It’s been a while since I posted another article from my last year’s trip to Taiwan. One of the key things I planned to visit, whilst in the country, was of course, well-known Kenting. It’s a real touristy place. I was staying there only for 2 nights (unfortunately), however I want to show you as many nice views as possible. However, every time, I want to capture a beautiful moment, it doesn’t look as teasing as you would see it in person. 

I was staying in Chateau Beach Resort – one of the best places with the nicest views and close proximity to the exclusive beach. The place is simply stunning! Plenty of different facilities and activities that will make your stay interesting and keep you busy, if you wish to be busy. I took one archery class, but besides that I was staying on the beach or sightseeing around, because actually the whole area is breathtaking in terms of what you can see there.

Hotel lobby

Rolex Datejust 116233 – champagne dial

This place does not need any filters, it’s so colourful, your mind is just blooming. If you’re feeling depressed or down, come and visit Kenting. All worries will disappear! 

The only thing was, as much as I wanted to dip in the water, the waves were violent! Walking along the beach, you could hear a pleasant ocean noise and admire endless ocean – the Pacific Ocean. I learnt a lesson of respect, not to mess around with it!

That’s me trying to approach the seashore with a full view on the Pacific Ocean. I was merely stumbling forward, because of the wind, which was strong beyond insanity. Tourists were still attracted to it, though!

It took my ages to take a steady shot, but it was well worth it! One of the most breathtaking views I had opportunity to experience! Photos don’t do justice, of course.

Have you ever watches a movie called the Life of Pi? Watch it, if you haven’t. The final scene was shot here, at the Baisha Bay. 


Now, back at the hotel beach. That’s me harassing some innocent seashells. 

Not sure, if you watched my youtube video (click here), when I was talking about a Rolex Submariner Date 116613LB, as a perfect holiday watch. I think there is something about bi-metal watches that make them perfect holiday timepieces. Normally, I don’t wear them that often, not everyday, because I find them a bit too flashy. I prefer to stick to a good old, cold stainless steel watch to keep it low-key. 

I knew the end of my Kenting trip meant the end of the whole trip to Taiwan. Honestly, I hate the feeling of having to come back. There’s something suddenly pulling the plug on your whole holiday vibe and you know you need to pack your stuff, go on the airplane and fly home to the life you perfectly know, a safe routine. 

Next morning. I had to say goodbye to all the fantastic views, pleasant sun, perfect temperature and the vivid colours. My flight was departing from Taoyuan Airport, so basically going from the South to the North of Taiwan. Regardless, what I saw during the trip, amazed me big time!