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Jaeger-LeCoultre – Reverso and its 85th anniversary

Jaeger-LeCoultre to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the iconic Reverso releases new models from its iconic collection.

Jaeger-LeCoultre loves to nurture the imagination and infuse expertise with boldness. The
Reverso watch embodies this quest for the unexpected. A natural, intuitive touch swivels the
case to disclose unsuspected treasures.



On this iconic model, the back is the front… As such, it serves as the ideal place for
personalisation by showcasing Rare Crafts such as engraving, gemsetting or enamelling in
order to meet the whole spectrum of desires from the simplest to the most sophisticated. On
the Reverso Duetto and Duo models, the second dial becomes a territory in which to express
the horological expertise of the Maison and its unbridled creativity.


Reverso Classic Duo Face


“To mark its 85th birthday, we wished to offer a new vision of the Reverso, so that each
individual can immediately recognise the collection that matches their own character and
the model destined to become theirs. It was about respectfully evolving this legendary watch while bearing certain key prerequisites in mind: preserving the nature of this exceptional watch that is a concentrated blend of the wealth of talent within our Manufacture, as well as safeguarding its elegance and its contemporary spirit; clarifying the collections by instating three stylistic expressions – Reverso Classic, Reverso Tribute and Reverso One – with their own distinct worlds and aspirations; structuring the classic sizes by offering three small, medium and large options; introducing an automatic movement on a number of models in the Reverso Classic line to ensure genuine user friendliness; and, finally, inviting each of you to imagine your own watch via the Atelier Reverso. Such was our mission, of which we are now delighted and proud to unveil the results.” – Daniel Riedo, CEO Jaeger-LeCoultre.




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