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Rolex GMT-Master 16750 ‘Pepsi’ – Beautiful Piece of the Rolex History

Every time I happen to get my hands on vintage pieces, I smile like a little kid in a candy shop. These true, field-tested classics are what makes me tick.

Today, I am taking a closer look at the 1982 Rolex GMT-Master transitional model 16750 with plenty of matching patina throughout – real collector’s dream. This particular model is to feature an improved Calibre 3075 movement with quickset date. I can’t stress enough how easier it is to set the date with quickset, instead of moving the time hands around the dial on and on again, until you set the right date. I remember setting the date in my vintage watches, starting from 1st up to 17th or even more… pure nightmare. Quickset saves you a lot of time and nerves.

I love this beautifully fading blue & red ‘Pepsi’ bezel insert, it just pops and makes your wrist look much more vibrant and intriguing. The truth is, you can have all new, modern Rolex models on your wrist, but this old GMT-Master 16750 is the one, other watch collector will be curious about during some casual small talks. It’s like with cars – everyone loves looking at modern supercars, they are exciting indeed, but classic cars are the ones people tend to ask about, whenever they see one.

Versatility and practicality are my key words, when talking about watches, as they are my tools that accompany me everyday. Rolex GMT-Master 16750 doesn’t let me down at all. It’s a renowned time instrument used by pilots. You can measure times in two time-zones consecutively, you’ve got a date display with cyclops lens to make it more legible. Bubble-like plexiglass my one of the most favourite things about vintage Rolex watches. All reflections look like they encompass the whole dial with every single shadow spreading around it. This type of glass distorts some view, especially around the edges. Some find it annoying, but I find it beautiful about vintage bubble-like plexiglass. It gets scratched way more easily, than normal mineral or sapphire crystal, though it saves weight… and you can polish it to be like-new.

This particular model, is coupled to a Jubilee bracelet – my preferred configuration, however NATO strap is the other way to go around with this stunning piece. I love the ‘Pepsi’ bezel insert much more than the ‘Coke’ one. 

With the new GMT-Master II 126710BLRO released this year, we still have to remember how did this whole saga of GMT-Master begin, by nurturing and fostering classic, vintage models, just like this one I was very fortunate to wear.