TOP 5 luxury futuristic watches

MB&F - HM3 Megawind

Welcome in the next entry from ‘TOP5’ series. This time I decided to list 5 watches that are in my opinion most futuristic. Looking at these watches is like moving years ahead. Everything is due to their unique and nonroutine design. Let’s begin.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

We can say that this watch has “two faces”. It presents the Avant-garde and high-tech ideas combined together, in result we get a sophisticated timepiece. Great, contrasting hues bring to my mind thought about the infinite space. Additionally, we can see the Tourbillon along with the chronograph functions. Partly exposed movement with its parts gives really great touch of sophistication, which harmonizes well with the space black colour. Everything is included in the Calibre 2897 consisting of the 335 parts. The power reserve in this watch is about 65 hours. The 44mm case is made of the forged carbon, which gives very great impression with the black ceramic bezel with 8 contrasting screws. Push-pieces and crown are also ceramic. At the front and the caseback we can find glareproofed sapphire crystal. The black dial presents decorative Méga Tapisserie pattern.



MB&F – Horological Machine N°6 “Space Pirate”

“Has been designed to operate in the hostile enviroment of space : the space on your wrist.”

The watch has been brought to us from the outer space by MB&F. That’s how I can describe this watch. I can say this is the most futuristic and complex watch I’ve ever seen. In each of the four corners we can see 360° sphere covered (front and back) by the transparent sapphire crystal copulas. Two spherical indications rotate vertically, showing hours and minutes. Two spherical turbines spin horizontally, regulating the winding system in the whole case. At the center we can see 60-seconds flying tourbillon housed in a sapphire crystal dome. There’s sapphire crystal on the back, so we can see 475 precisely finished components of the movement, which required over three years of extension. The case of the watch manufactured by Les Artisans Boitiers is made of aeronautic grade Ti-6Al-4V titanium case. The power reserve in this timepiece is approximately 72 hours. Water resistance is about 30 metres. Hand-stitched calfskin strap in the black colour with titanium folding buckle matches well with this whole futuristic watch.




URWERK - UR-210S "Full Metal Jacket"

The next futuristic proposition is the UR-210S “Full Metal Jacket” created by URWERK. This watch is slightly different from the other timepieces. It is fully supported by cold looking stainless steel and titanium. UR-210S watch stands out clearly, because of its unique time display – the equal note using the revolving satellite. It is phenomenal, powerful and sophisticated ‘time machine’. UR-210S model features a world-first complication indicating an efficiency of the winding over the last two hours. The severity of this stainless steel and titanium case makes really good impression, especially when we combine it with highly complex movement and its powerful functions. Starting with a dimensions of 43.8mm x 53.6mm x 17.8mm we get the self-winding UR-7.10 movement, which brings to life the main patented function and also the most eye-catching thing in this watch, namely the revolving satellite with wandering hour and three-dimensional retrograde minute hand. The power reserve indicator is visible at the right upper corner and the mentioned earlier winding efficiency indicator is at the left upper corner. The movement works with the frequency of 28,800 vph and it also features the 39-hours power reserve. This watch is ensured with the 30 meters of water resistance. At the front we can find the sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. Winding efficiency selector has been situated at the case back.




MB&F - HM3 Megawind

The another watch by MB&F. I had to include this watch in my TOP5 of luxury futuristic watches list, because the most of their watches look like taken from the far future. Extraordinary and unique design combined with ultra sophisticated movement – the heart bringing to life all functions.
Two, three-dimensional sapphire cones housing the hours and minutes and amazing battle-axe shaped winding rotor sweeping around the hand-finished movement. This watch is available in three different coloristic configurations presenting the independent style. We can choose between the 18K white gold/titanium, 18k red gold/titanium and the final edition in black PVD-treated 18K gold and titanium with C3 Super-LumiNova numerals on each cone and band under the winding rotor. You might think that the time shown by these sapphire cones is not legible, but in fact it is. In this case we get a pretty big and clear in view numerals presented both on the sides of cones and on the flat caps. I strongly adore these hours and minutes indication in form of the majestic turbines. Great and enjoying the eye feature is the partly revealed movement with the rotor and regulator placed on the front dial side. Such action involved inverted mechanism, which was received by two large ceramic bearings transfering time up to revolving hour and minute cones on the front side. Everything is assembled within the case with dimensions of 47mm x 50mm x 17mm. An automatic winding rotor, which is also a visible design intention of the HM3 Megawind timepieces, it consists of 3 parts : hub in durable titanium, outer sections in 22K gold attached by 4 rivets. The balance in this watch oscillates at 28,800 Vph. As I mentioned earlier, the time indications are transmitted by ceramic ball bearings. Hours are displayed on the left cone and minutes on the right cone. Sapphire cones, front an back crystals have an anti-reflective treatment on both sides. What a stunning timepiece !



The last watch in my ‘TOP5’ of futuristic watches is H3 watch by HYT. It is not only futuristic by its stunning design, but the thing describing HYT watches is a fluid mechanics technology used to indicate a time, instead of a simple hands. But what is more interesting, is the new feature in showing time, which is called ‘Linear System’. Therefore, we can’t find hands, satellites or any other system that read a time. HYT has created an amazing rotating dial with 4 faces. Each face contains 6 hours situated along the time display tube. In result, 24 hours of the day can be easily displayed. HYT is starting something new in watchmaking with beautifully shaped case with dimensions of
62 x 41 mm. Every contour in H3 watch has been enhanced, so we can notice its shapeliness against the stealth Charcoal grey PVD-coated case with a micro-blasted, satin finish. Every single watch created by HYT involved a lot of effort while creating its movement. In H3 watch, the challenge was to design retrograde movement with a recovering energy used later to power the rotation of the watch’s dial. From a technical aspect this movement is mechanical with manual-winding working at 21,600 Vph. Movement’s parts are decorated with a colour matching accents in charcoal grey PVD-coated titanium. Power reserve in this watch is about 170 hours. A dial is a real futuristic thing that is worth explaining. At the first sight, we can see the tube with a green liquid. Right under this tube there are retrograde hours (24 hours) in the form o 6 cubes. Retrograde minutes are presented at the right in the little sapphire dial. Moreover, the push-button for hour rotation is situated at the left of the case. Power reserve indicator is shown at the watch’s back. The interesting feature is the crown position indicator.