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Unboxing My New Titanium Omega Watch

Today, I’ve got something a bit more unique than a stainless steel Omega watch. I’m pleased to introduce to you my brand new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Chronograph in titanium!

I’ve wanted this watch for quite a while now, as I was keen on getting an orange watch, which wouldn’t be just a colourful toy watch. However, first things first and let’s focus on the whole unboxing experience. I got the parcel with this watch on Saturday, however I’ve been waiting until today to officially open it and feature on here.

The watch was separated from the Omega box for the safety reasons, I believe. It came in a huge plastic coffin.

I always keep the cardboard Omega outer box, as it’s a nice touch have along with all the accessories. 

There was have a new-styled box. I love everything about these boxes – they look like an Omega watch display in the actual boutique and they always smell surprisingly great.

With majority of Omega timepieces, you would get a classic package – red manual booklet, cream leather wallet and three red cards – pictograms, master chronometer (if your watch is classified as chronometer) and international warranty. The latter one is the most important piece of the document that you should always keep with the watch.

It is like a logbook for your car, you keep it safe as it confirms the provenance of the timepiece. I don’t think I have to mention, how badly it affects the value of a watch, once lost. 

I promised myself that in 2020 I will stop buying Omega watches and focus on different genre. However, it is not as easy as I thought. The things that keep me in that range are fantastic quality of timepieces, wonderful unboxing experience and brilliant price points.

Time to lift the baby up from the coffin and bring it to life! 

The main colour motif is grey/orange. Titanium chronograph dial with perfectly legible hour markers and ceramic bezel insert. The watch is huge, as the case size is 45.5mm. However, titanium makes it so light, yet durable and bulletproof. 

Time to strap up the latest purchase to my wrist. As comparison, I’m wearing Rolex Daytona 116500LN, which looks just like a ladies watch, compared to this titanium giant!

I think this watch is one of the nicest and most practical watches that you can take with you on holiday.

Afraid of swimming with your timepiece? – 600 meters of water resistance

Afraid of scratching or denting your watch? – Titanium is significantly harder to scratch or dent. Would you need to be hard-pressed to do it.

Like the chronograph function, but date function is a must? – No problem… you’ve got both.

Vibrant orange and graphite grey – lovely combination that simply pops. 

Looking forward to giving this timepiece a well-deserved wrist time!